Welcome to BTCE = the ONE true and GENUINE (ERC20) Bitcoin on ethereum

Name: EthereumBitcoin (eBitcoin)
Symbol: BTCE
Total: 21,000,000

Decimal: 8


What is EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (Symbol BTCE)?

EthereumBitcoin (or eBitcoin, symbol BTCE) is the ONE TRUE and GENUINE (ERC20) Bitcoin on Ethereum and a Global Cryptocurrency (digital money) of the Internet; not a security.

EthereumBitcoin (or eBitcoin, symbol BTCE) is faster, cheaper, better, more secure, more advanced, more technological and smarter than Bitcoin (as BTCE can work with smart contracts, unlike Bitcoin). 

EthereumBitcoin (or eBitcoin, symbol BTCE) is a peer-to-peer electronic cash and community-driven - a decentralized Global Cryptocurrency that allow people to store their wealth in a non-Government controlled Currency that's used for trading online and a secure and fast medium of exchange for transactions.

EthereumBitcoin (or eBitcoin, symbol BTCE) is fast, reliable, simple, easy to use, no hassles, low fees to send money globally, reliable confirmations, and a payment system that’s a store of value and medium of exchange. 


In a nutshell, EthereumBitcoin’s White Paper and Roadmap is implementing everything to see BTCE being an adopted and widespread Global Cryptocurrency in the future, given it's cheaper and faster and the TRUE and GENUINE alternative to Bitcoin. 

LONG-TERM, working towards anywhere Bitcoin is accepted by merchants, EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) is also accepted - and people can exchange between them in their wallets, if they desire. 

Also, the higher Bitcoin's price goes up, many will want to use EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) instead, as it's cheaper, smarter and FASTER!

The total circulation of EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) is low and will forever remain at 21,000,000 Tokens. No more, no less.

How is EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) better than Bitcoin?

EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) on the Ethereum Blockchain will scale to Visa-like capacity; unlike Bitcoin. Bitcoin's Block Time is 8-10 minutes, on average; but Ethereum's Block Time is only 24 seconds!

Bitcoin can take 60 minutes to confirm a transaction; but EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) is only 3 minutes!

EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) also has the ability to work with Smart Contracts; unlike Bitcoin.

Why is EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) better than Bitcoin?

Many are fighting to CONTROL Bitcoin behind the scenes with their many forks (most likely more in the future). Unlike Bitcoin, EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) is TRULY decentralized, meaning, miners CANNOT fork it - EVER! 

Also, unlike Bitcoin, EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) is FASTER, works with smart contracts, and has LOWER fees. So, EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) is everything Bitcoin is - and MORE! 

Most missed out on buying Bitcoin when it was under $1 each. Yes, EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) is representative of Bitcoin by having the SAME medium of exchange and measure of value and store of wealth as Bitcoin; but you don't have to pay $6,000+ for EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE). 

We believe EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE), with adoption, is the widespread Global Cryptocurrency of the future that will eventually be accepted everywhere - given it's faster, cheaper, more advanced, more secure, and overall better and smarter!

Who is EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE)?

EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) is NOT a Company; but a community of people around the world that want to own and trade and use a faster, cheaper, better, more advanced and smarter Global Cryptocurrency in their everyday life.

For the record: EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (Symbol BTCE) is the ONE TRUE and GENUINE Bitcoin on Ethereum; and NOT affiliated or connected with ANY other "copy-cat" Token or people associated with ANY other Token or Crypto. 

With that, EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) is NOT a quick pump-to-dump; and then left to die, as people abandon their projects! But our focus is LONG-TERM, wanting to see BTCE used as the widespread Global Cryptocurrency of the future towards a high price, given EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) is overall better, faster, more advanced, cheaper, smarter - and the ONE TRUE and GENUINE Bitcoin on Ethereum!

Where can you buy EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (symbol BTCE)?

EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (Symbol BTCE) is currently listed on EtherDelta (most volume is here, so far):


Listed on Decentrex here:


Announcements of many more exchanges to follow, including the big ones, as we want to see BTCE listed on many exchanges around the world for widespread adoption and future usage in the vast Global Economy. EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE), the TRUE and GENUINE Bitcoin on Ethereum, will be heavily promoted in the mass media to this end! 

Compatible wallets: Ethereum, Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Parity and others. 

To add the BTCE Token in your wallet: click "Add Custom Token" and insert the Contract Address:  0x0886949c1b8C412860c4264Ceb8083d1365e86CF and the Symbol: BTCE and Decimals: 8. 

If you buy BTCE, they may not automatically show up in your wallet. Don't worry, as they are there. But you have to manually add the BTCE symbol in your wallet to see them, per the instructions above.

EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) to the moon!

Don't let anyone's FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) cause you to avoid buying EthereumBitcoin (BTCE) or panic-sell at a loss. For, like Bitcoin, there will be sharp corrections in the price going ahead; but those that panic-sell always regret it when the price rebounds up higher. 

Disclaimer: we don't give investment advice to anyone. With that, don't make any trade based on any info on our website, Twitter account and/or online message board. But it is advisable that instead of approaching crypto exchanges to buy or sell crypto, users can choose PayPal to buy crypto. Visit the krypto mit paypal kaufen blog to learn how to buy crypto with PayPal. First seek professional help to determine if you want to absorb the risk of buying EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) or ANY Cryptocurrency, as ALL of them are prone to skyrocket up and/or crash down quickly on any given day, including Ethereum and Bitcoin. The key is to hold on down days, and not panic, and wait until they rebound up.

We believe BTCE has the massive potential to be a high price Token, given it's overall better, more advanced, faster, smarter - and EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (symbol BTCE) is the ONE TRUE and GENUINE (ERC20) Bitcoin on Ethereum (website: eBitcoin.money).

Follow us on our one and only Official Twitter Account here for all future updates concerning EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE). Please tell others, to spread the word. Thanks in advance. 

Yes, many investors use lies and FUD on different online message boards hoping people panic-sell to them at a lower price. Beware of such that want to scare you to panic-sell your BTCE Tokens to them at a low price. We were going to delete the Bitcointalk board, but people like to post the truth (and lies there too, hoping to buy BTCE at a lower price). So, we'll keep it for now, in case weak hands want to sell to strong hands - to the benefit of strong hands. 

Remember, Bitcoin was only pennies for a long time before it took off. As more people learn about EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) over the coming years ahead, it will only help the price of BTCE to go up - HOLD.

Our community focus is LONG-TERM. Given EthereumBitcoin or eBitcoin (BTCE) is better and cheaper and faster and smarter than Bitcoin. We believe BTCE is a new ground-floor opportunity today - and it has great LONG-TERM potential in seeing its price SKYROCKET UP in value!